Posted 1 week ago
Ur eyes r soooo pretty😍☺️
bestmistake401 asked

Thanks a LOOOOOOOT :-*

Posted 1 week ago
You girl, are the most beautiful girl in the world. This probably sounds too cheesy but i'm serious.
sensualmedicin asked

Wow… That’s sooooo sweet, seriously, thanks a lot… I really really appreciate but I think I’m not that beautiful… LOL…


Posted 1 week ago
Hey! How are you?
distorted--perceptions asked

Hei!… I’m find… How about you?

Posted 2 weeks ago

Me… again and again and again… Reblog? :-)

Posted 3 weeks ago
Posted 3 weeks ago
Hai davvero un bel blog! Ti va di conoscerci?:)
laquattordicennetimida-deactiva asked

Grazie! Beh, si, scrivimi pure quando ti va… :-)

Posted 3 weeks ago
You are very welcome <3
Anonymous asked

^_____^ *_____* LOL

Posted 3 weeks ago
Yes hi hello just thought i would tell you that your beautiful <3
Anonymous asked

Thank yoooou very much!!! <3

Posted 3 weeks ago
Okay this isn't a question more of a statement but that one post you had on your blog of someone calling you a "cunt loving..." Well I'm sorry. No one should ever have to go through that. You are super beautiful and don't listen to him.
skyler13334 asked

You’re so sweet… thank you for your statement… I really appreciate…

You know, I’m not upset or anything, it’s just sad that some people feel the urge to judge with this sort of anger something that they don’t understand…

He has to be really sad and lonely…

The point is that someone besides me could be hurt from such sort of things and I’m sorry…

Whatever… thanks again sweetheart

Posted 3 weeks ago
You're beautiful. <3
sweet-dreamsxxoo asked

Thank you lady… ;-*