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Darling.... You are hot.!!! ;)
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Thank yooooou sweetheart!!!

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your really cute ;) my kik is dead_littlekitty if you wanna talk
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I don’t use kik… I’m sorry!!! but thanks anyway… really!!

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In che paese vivi dell'Italia?
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Sono di Venezia…

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so theres this girl, weve been really close friends for about four years and she is absolutely perfect in every way. ive been wanting to ask her out but if she says no or if it doesnt work out i dont want to ruin the friendship because shes one of my very few friends but for a long time ive been wanting more than a friendship. any advice?
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Friendship is Always something really important and delicate… but it has to be a real and solid friendship…

What I’m trying to say is that even if you act like a friend you won’t ever be only just a friend, cause you want this persone to be something more… I think that you can pretend to be friend but deep down it’s something different…

So… I think that you should try this thing out cause, one way or another it’s already something that can be ruined… what if you get closer, and closer and you start to get jealous? and you won’t be albe to stand the fact that someone else will have the luck to have her?!

So… you have to give youself a chance, you have to give to this relationship a chance… you won’t ever know what you could build on it…

I hope I helped…

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Reblog me?

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Hey thanks for follow 😝👍
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you’re welcome!!